Advanced Informational Website

Advanced Informational Website

An advanced informational website is built on the ground of the basic informational website and hence includes all its features. On top of that this website incorporates a number of advanced functions such as a store locator, user registration and login, a back-end with an authoring work flow or a multilingual integration.

1. Features of the basic informational website

  • Homepage with Full-width Slideshow
  • Products/services, showcase, about/team, blog and contact section
  • Multiple photos for your products, services, showcases & blog entries
  • Testimonials block or slideshow
  • Twitter feed
  • Contact section with form and Google maps integration
  • Scroll-to-top
  • Tags Cloud
  • Responsive and cross-browser compatible
  • Social media integration
  • Basic SEO and online marketing optimisation

2. Possible extra features advanced informational website

  • Store locator based on Google maps
  • User registration/login with specific access rights to contents and functions
  • Multilingual integration with various languages
  • Extended back-end with a content authoring system and a content publishing process with different roles (draft, review and publication)
  • Etc.