Maggie Hamilton

Writer, researcher & storyteller
Sydney, Australia
Maggie Hamilton

This awesome website presents the work of the writer, researcher and storyteller Maggie Hamilton in the best possible way. Let yourself inspire by her thoughts, projects, books and blog posts.

As a Sydney-based author and social researcher Maggie Hamilton writes books and for magazines. She gives frequent talks and lectures and is a regular media commentator and a keen observer of social trends. She wrote many books such as "What Men Don’t Talk About", "What’s Happening to Our Girls?", "Magic Of The Moment" and "Love Your Work Reclaim Your Life".

The features of this website include:

  • Animation brings in a human, more dynamic feel
  • Book galleries
  • Blog streams
  • Testimonials
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Bootstrap 3/HTML5/CSS3
  • Drupal 8